OpenERP authentication using UareU Fingerprint Scanner

I’ve finally managed to integrate DigitalPersona’s fingerprint reader  into OpenERP! It works really nicely, allowing an administrator to enroll user fingerprints and then they can log into openerp without any typing or remembering passwords. I also built a module to enroll and verify customers for extra security for payments etc.

Most of the magic happens in a java applet and a java backend. Unfortunately DigitalPersona doesnt have a python API so it was a bit of a mission getting the two to talk to each other, I looked into using Py4J, but it seemed a little overkill for my needs so I ended up calling a .jar file directly from python which seems to work fine.

If you are interested in developing this further let me know; would be happy to share the code.




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  1. Daniel Andrade says:

    Hello i want to know if you can share your code, for check the implementation of a fingerprint with python.

    • TheMachine says:

      Are you trying to capture a fingerprint or match a print against another?
      There isn’t much python code, I used a basic java jar file and execute it with parameters from python. Most of the java code is based on the examples from DigitalPersona. I’ll put up some code soon so you can have a look.

  2. Nice JOb.. Wait for the code..

  3. Hi, I am really interested in this. Can you share the code? Does it work on Linux?

  4. Wow! Excellent work, I like to see the source code. Are you somewhere?

  5. George Vincent says:

    This is an excellent work.thank you for hard work.Please share what you have acquired from this it will help one who really want high security openERP.If you wish you can share the source code too.
    Thank you.

  6. TheMachine says:

    Thanks for the interest! I’ll put up the code asap – just need to clean it up a bit

  7. did you post the code any where??and i also want to the step by step integration java with python

  8. So could i have the code ? i am trying to develop a custom module.

  9. Are you still plan to share you code?

  10. It’s very obvious now, that he doesn’t want to share the code. It’s almost a year and he’s still cleaning up the code. Is he writing an operating system?

  11. TheMachine says:

    Sorry for the delay. I’ve posted the code on
    It comes as-is, I still need to fix it up as I havent worked on it for months. The project I am using it for has restarted so I will be making updates soon.

    • hi, it’s look very interesting but I want to install it in openerp v7.0, how can I do it? thanks for help

      • TheMachine says:

        I’ve only developed it for a client who is still running in v6. It shouldn’t be difficult to upgrade it. I would be happy to assist if anyone is willing to invest into it – let me know..

  12. thank you very much for sharing the code, I’ll try and tell you that this works for me.

  13. hi,

    wonderful idea,but i install this in openerp 7.0,its not working
    can u please help me for installing in openerp 7.0

  14. George Vincent says:

    I have been following this for long. i was able to install this module in V7.0 but i am un able to use it could you please give me the detailed over view how to go about it. Give me the basic system requirements.

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